The Company

We, the Fortuna Family, have been producing high quality products for 10 years, feeding our animals only with the cereals (barely and maize) of our crops and eliminating all sources of gluten.

Therefore, even before our products, we can offer you the absolute guarantee of their genuineness. To be sure that you live a unique experience tasting them, we are now introducing our 4 new products.

The company is located in Torre De’ Picenardi, a small village with an historic farming tradition, immersed in the vast countryside near Cremona. From the name of this place comes the unique trade mark registered De’ P, which is branded on the piglets to identify and certify the origin.

The management of both the productive and the commercial part is carried out by the owners Enrico Fortuna and his wife Milly: a lifestyle which is hard but satisfying.

The livestock farming has got 5 stalls for fattening pigs, composed of the latest technologies to ensure the total well-being of the animals. The cereals (barely and maize), cultivated from the farm in the fields surrounding it, support the total food need of our animals and represent the essential component of a healthy and wholesome food.