The Company

The Fortuna Family have been farming and producing High Quality products for 10 years now. They only feed their animals with cereals crops, and eliminate all sources of gluten.

Even before the product arrive on your table the Fortuna Family guarantee a High Quality product. They are now introducing four new high quality products.

  • Cooked ham "Fortuna"

    The cooked Fortuna, characterized by a central “nut”, is distinguished and characterized by a simple and light taste.

  • "Fortunate" Salami

    We carefully select the most valuable parts of a whole pig. With a fine grind and the lack of spices we managed to get a traditional product that you have to try.

  • Shins and Italian pork sausage

    Only with the addition of natural herbs and a pinch of salt we were able to engage your palate on a long forgotten journey in taste.

  • Rump

    The thighs, after a careful selection, are carefully trimmed, and then gently matured for 14 months in the hills of Langhirano. Softness and sweetness characterised it on the palate.

  • Uncooked ham "Scarlet"

    During 18 months of slow maturing, the breezes of Langhirano hills and Cimone (Modena) valley let the ham soak with unique flavors and sweetness. This kind of ham is highly sweet.

  • Coppa e Pancetta

    Dopo un’attenta ed accurata stagionatura sulle colline del nostro territorio la pancetta e la coppa Fortuna si contraddistinguono per il gusto delicato e ricco di tradizione.